Installation & Commissioning

We are a full service business group – we offer installation and commissioning services

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Operation & Maintenance

We not only implement the operations, we also help you in maintaining the good service

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Component Distributer

A solution is proposed, just select the required component with our vast collection

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Our Major Operations

Wind Energy

Wind is the movement of air from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.

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Solar Energy

Solar energy is vastly advantageous since sun’s energy can be used directly for heating, cooling, lighting.

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UPS Energy

UPS system protects your facility in the critical moments during voltage spikes or voltage reductions.

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Industrial Services

Our Industry Services help make your machines and plants more profitable and efficient throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Telecommunication Services

We provide total services on staff providing structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.

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Anytime Support

It may be for a new purchase or service required for already purchased product, we are just at a reach of call.

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