Do you want to improve the security in your office? Keep burglars at bay with our CCTV cameras and automated access systems. We are committed to deliver a professional and speedy service at all times. Trust us to employ the latest digital technology while installing our CCTV systems. We are a leading CCTV company working with the county councils and police. Don’t hesitate to discuss your security needs with us.
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Installation Services

We have a team of security dealers that are registered to install our products. No matter where you are, it is likely we have an installation team nearby that can get the job done right for you. Upon your request for a local installation company to help you with your security system, we will notify local dealers in your area to handle your installation. Meanwhile, have the confidence of knowing that our team is here to support you when you need us.

Technical Support

PES’s live technical support is one of our leading strengths. Our customers count on our experts to assist them with all their support needs. With technical supports teams located both in Bangalore, India, we are available when you need us. Our technicians can provide you with step by step instructions with your system or they can log in remotely to handle all the complex configurations themselves. If an event should occur and you don’t remember how to download or find video footage, we can handle that for you as well.

Security Planning and Layout Assistance

When you need a comprehensive security system that will perform up to and above your expectations, planning is everything. Our services include assistance with your layout and security installation plan. From network infrastructure to proper camera positioning we can create a 3D layout that will assist you with the correct placement and setup of your security system. Our team will guide you with the correct power supplies, cabling, recorders and video storage and the security cameras you will need to get the job done.