Installation and Commissioning Services

POWER ELECTRIC SOLUTION is able to offer an installation and commissioning service to customers of our line of broadcast transmitters.

Power Electric Solution provides professional installation and commissioning support for all Electrical Industries, Renewable Industries. We always assure you best in process, Support, class performance.

Installation & Pre-Commissioning:

  • We offer installation of Solar Panels, Telecom Control Panel, Wind Turbine Control Panels/ Gear BOX /generators & accessories, UPS System (All Kva & Mva Model) & Battery banks.
  • We offer Supervision of mechanical and electrical  assembly parts during installation on site.
  • We offer Assistance on installation of mechanical and electrical parts, and inspection after the Installation.
  • We offer you Pre-commissioning of interface and communication links to other systems.
  • We offer you Functional check of product after mechanical and electrical installation.


  • We offer you Commissioning of Wind Energy Turbines, Solar Panels, UPS, Telecom Tower control System. Battery Banks, Full Power Converts, Inverter’s, Industrial Products Commissioning and Testing.
  • We offer customer based equipment/products commissioning.
  • We offer for onsite Thermographic Inspection for identifying loose connection / contacts in the cable joints in order to improve the Performance of the product.
  • We assure you Onsite Quality inspection after the commissioning of the product.