UPS Industry Services

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system protects your facility in the critical moments before your generator or standby power source kicks in and during voltage spikes or voltage reductions.

Usually in residential application, Data centers, call centers, banks, and hospitals all require reliable UPS systems to ensure that data and equipment are protected at all times.

For a UPS system to be reliable and long-lasting, it requires proper preventive maintenance. Choosing a UPS maintenance plan should be as equally important as selecting the right UPS system. With proper servicing, a well-made UPS system can operate reliably as more than its life.

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

We offer for Preventive Maintenance which includes routine inspection and servicing of equipment which help prevent breakdowns and reduce the breakdown time. We offer you below services.

  • UPS system (Ratings: All Kva & Mva products).
  • Battery Maintenance.
  • Diesel Generator maintenance.
  • External switch/ Box Maintenance.
  • Civil structure maintenance (For outdoor UPS).
  • Remote monitoring Services.

Customize services

  • We offer customized services like providing Retrofitting’s and Modification. All special task services.

Condition-Based Monitoring(CBM)

 We offer for Condition-Based Monitoring which involves monitoring of equipment condition and plant operations on a real-time basis and addresses a potential problem at a very early stage to prevent downtime.

Service Quality assurance

Periodic Scheduling, Sampling, conducting inspections and evaluation of UPS for various types of components/parts. preventive & breakdown maintenance and Project commissioning of UPS in compliance with prescribed internal documents and protocols.